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Events for companies

Value-creating events. Experiencing the world of the scents the company can get to know its employees, highlight their strengths and have a broader perception of the face of the company. Entering the world of fragrances and getting to know the most sophisticated scents, we create our own, real perfumes during the event. Created perfumes are made from the souls of plants,  that give us the confidence to pursue our dreams and boldly walk towards our goals.

There are two types of events:

  • the company's scent is created;

  • each employee individually creates his own scent.

The participants of the event share their insights and experiences of newly discovered scents. It is very fun and interesting how everyone creates their own fragrance with great dedication and concentration and then willingly share with each other a wonderful and carefully created combination of perfumes.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Offers for event

The scent of the company

What new winds would you like for your company? How to find out colleagues' attitude towards the company's activities and what their mutual relations are for the greater benefit of the company through smells. Describing the company's areas of activity and with the help of questions, the company's energy, drive, and general emotional stability are analyzed. According to the description of the colleagues, a general company fragrance is created, which contains scents that symbolize and provide: courage, confidence, vigor, success and well-being. Every event is different, the combination of scents is unpredictable, created with enthusiasm and great involvement in the process. The created company scent (reflecting and representing the face of the company) can be a great business gift for customers.

Duration of the seminar: 120 min
Price: from 300 eur
Christmas scent 

Create your own summer fragrance that smells of lightness, morning dew, basil, lemon and mint intertwined notes. Everyone's summer is different, so the created scent will be different, unique and exclusive. The scent of summer brings energy, confidence, happiness and laughter. The summer scent will undoubtedly lighten your mood, you will touch the history of perfumes and you will find out what kind of perfume only the chosen kings smelled in ancient times. Christmas is associated with oranges, cinnamon, bergamot, and cloves. What is the history of perfumes and what scents are suitable for the cold season, when there is a lack of sun and you want more joy.  A fun and upbeat event to create a Christmas fragrance spray with fruity sweet, citrusy notes or mix your own real organic oil perfume.  Holiday scents bring energy, confidence, happiness and laughter. and rich people who can afford to buy such rare, precious and expensive oils.

Duration of the seminar:
90 min
Price: 49 eur/person
Book a spa spot for the celebration

BOOK A SPA FOR THE CELEBRATION and celebrate your girlfriend's exclusive day with fun. The price includes a relaxation room, sauna (up to 4 persons), whirlpool (up to 3 persons).

Price: 1 hour - 130 euros
2nd hour 65 eur
Video material from our event

PS If you wish, we can offer you a snack menu with a sparkling welcome drink, you can also bring your own drinks and snacks. Champagne glasses and plates for snacks The scents of Provence will provide you with joy.


Write suggestions, wishes, questions. We will definitely answer: , +37065231979

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