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Children's birthdays - SPA


An interesting, fragrant and adventurous children's birthday party in the scents of Provence!

Acquaintance with magical scents and their world. Organic, real children's perfumes are created with the motifs of the scent tale.  Travel to the kingdom of scents with kings and princesses, magical water and colorful mini burgers, the sweetest and most mouth-watering waffles, the tastiest and most delicious snacks from Astoria 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We reserve times for celebrations in Vilnius and Klaipeda.

Book a time for an impressive and memorable holiday: , +37065231979


1. Opening. A box of feathers,  heads, jewelry and all the other weirdest and most interesting accessories, where you can find a cute and pleasing piece of jewelry for yourself during the event.

2. The tale of scents. Acquaintance with magical scents and their world. Organic perfumes are created on the basis of the scent fairy tale, which can be used every day and carried with you anywhere and anytime.


“Breathe in the pure and magical scent and travel your thoughts to the kingdom of scents, where Queen Lavender and King Eucalyptus live, and their most special and beautiful in the world  d55 -5d5 -5c5 Bergamot,  Cold Mint is a great time to grow, play and enjoy together every lovely day. 


One day from the distant kingdom, which is beyond the seven seas and seven lagoons  three knights: Funny Orange, Pacific Mandarin and  G -136bad5cf58d_ asking for the hands of the dearest and most amazing princesses of the Royal Couple ... ”


You will learn more about the scent tale by attending the Provence Scent Workshop, which introduces children to the world of scents and their effects on thoughts and the body. Children will gain a basic understanding of the main scents: which scent makes you laugh, what to choose on a hot summer day, and what to use when you don't want to fall asleep. 


3. Possibility to bring your own festive food and drinks.

4. A magical bowl with lavender and floating candles into which lavender is poured into thinking and triggering a dream;

Duration 1.5 hr

Price from 200 eur


(Additional information)

The festivities are designed for children aged 6 to 12. There must be an accompanying person at the celebration. Birthdays are held for groups of up to 10 people. 

Write suggestions, wishes, questions. We will definitely answer: , +37065231979

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