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Massage and spa services module

Aromatherapy massage training

It is a pleasant ritual that begins by immersing yourself in the world of scents and ends with a pleasant mist of flower water on your face. One procedure combines two therapies that help to relax even more, namely aromatherapy and massage. 

During the seminar you will learn a lot about aromatherapy, its benefits, effects and all the safety measures using essential oils. 

My first acquaintance with essential oils was back in 2004, when the beginning of aromatherapy was still in Lithuania. I had to work with many aromatherapy companies: Karel Hadek, Elemis, Young Living, Florame. When choosing a type of essential oil, it is very important to know how to distinguish a natural essential oil from a synthetic one. This and many more secrets of essential oils will be learned in this seminar.


03.09 agenda for the day

  1. History and development of aromatherapy;

  2. Why is aromatherapy effective?

  3. Familiarity with essential oils;

  4. Dosage, properties and benefits of essential oils;

  5. Use of essential oils for spa treatments;

  6. Mixtures of essential oils and their effects;

  7. Information on base oils (carrier oils);

  8. Contraindications;

  9. Skin types;

  10. Therapist professionalism and ethics;  

03.10 agenda for the day

  1. Contraindications to aromatherapy  massage;

  2. Preparation for aromatherapy massage;

  3. Massage of individual parts of the body with essential oils;

  4. Aromatherapy full body massage;

  5. Questions answers

After the seminar, you can buy high-quality essential oils with a 20% discount.​

Duration: 8 hours of academic hours.

Price: 149 eur 

Buy tickets here:

You can register for training by phone:+370 652 31979, email p.:

Buy tickets here:

Hot stone massage training

It is a unique procedure that helps to relax your body, mind and soul. Hot stone therapy, which has been around for centuries, has become especially popular in the last 10 years. The heat and massage movements go well together to relax the muscles. During this course, we will teach you the most relaxing techniques when performing a massage, both with hot stones and with your hands.

I first learned to do this massage in England back in 2004, followed by a lot of practice, performing 6-8 hot stone massages a day at US spas. Therefore, I will share all the practical experience with you. We will learn to do that massage that is most popular with clients and does not leave anyone indifferent. (Lecturer - Laima Simonovic)


  1. History of hot stone massage;

  2. Hot stone massagers;

  3. Safety of hot stone massage;

  4. Customer card;

  5. Contraindications to hot stone massage;

  6. Preparation for hot stone massage;

  7. Massage of individual body parts with stones;

  8. 1 or 1.5 hours. hot stone massage;

  9. Use of aromatherapy for hot stone massage;

  10. Settlement: one hour full body massage with hot stones. Discussion of the massage with the client, his feelings, insights, observations.

Massage training is conducted by Laima Simonovic, a spa specialist with many years of experience.

Laima Simonovic holds bachelor's and master's degrees in education from the Lithuanian Sports University. She has a massage therapist's press and works as a massage therapist.


After graduation, she worked on corrective work with preschool children with musculoskeletal disorders. 

Later, after completing massage courses in Lithuania and specialized Elemis aromatherapy, sports and hot stone massage courses in London (UK), Laima S. went to work in the United States. Worked for 6 years at Celebrity Cruises ’5-star spa on cruise ships. Gained invaluable experience working with clients of different ages and nationalities. Already working on ships, Laima started conducting seminars for clients (on the benefits of spa treatments, stress damage, healthy living, etc.) and employees (on aromatherapy, spa treatment protocol, sales, etc.).


After returning to Lithuania, Laima continued to improve her knowledge: she graduated at the age of 4. a course in traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture / acupressure) and obtained an international diploma from Neijing School (Spain), a course in lymphatic drainage massage, and is currently studying Japanese facial massage at Kobido School (Japan).


For the last 6 years, the therapist has been working in the spa salon "Provence Scents". She conducts in-house training for employees and field seminars for various organizations.


Laima says that her strength is her diverse experience and constant desire to improve. Real training comes with knowledge and its application in practice.


Laima Simonovic wants to share her practice with you, which would give you not only knowledge but also confidence in this important job as a massage therapist.

In this module, you will learn about economics knowledge that is important for building a business, planning, and achieving optimal efficiency in the use of human resources and business finance.


The economic module of the beauty business is divided into subcategories. Each subcategory is 8 academic hours long. You can register for the training by phone: +370 652 31979, e-mail p .:


I. The Basics of the Beauty Business
  1. Why economic knowledge can help build a successful and sustainable business;

  2. SPA business planning, why planning is necessary;

  3. A great beauty professional does not guarantee a successful business;

  4. Market evaluation;

  5. When to buy premises and when to rent;

  6. Spa beauty salon insurance and its types, is it necessary?



II. Concept and definition of costs

The phrase is often heard among businesses: "what we earn, we spend." It is in this sub-module that we will look at the costs where the money is spent. What are our main costs (expenses) without which the activities of a spa and beauty salon cannot simply function. When is it worth spending more and earning more, and where are the places where we can act economically and economically. This sub-module defines cost information.

  1. SPA salon cost classification;

  2. Importance of costs, planning and control;

  3. Cost management in creating value;

  4. Cost estimation, planned and estimated costs;



III. Property
  1. Non-current assets, their division;

  2. Employees and your knowledge - is it an asset? When do you really need to hire an employee?

  3. Calculation of return on assets and employee turnover;

  4. Inventory, stocks and their maintenance;



IV. Value, price and profit
  1. Value creating service;

  2. Value-creating costs;

  3. Service pricing, how to determine the real price of services; 4 pricing methods;

  4. Is what we earn is our profit;

  5. When do we start earning. The main indicators that help to evaluate the performance of the SPA beauty salon: break - even point, return on assets, liquidity of assets, ROI (Return on Investment) - (return on investment);



V. Budgeting
  1. Budget definition;

  2. Benefits of budgeting and planning;

  3. Practical examples of budgeting;

  4. Cost savings and operational optimization;

  5. Why is planning necessary?

  6. Allocation of working time and procedures;




The price of one module is 99 eur. For those registered by October 30th. the price of the module will cost you only 69 eur! Training is provided at the luxurious 5 * Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel. The training price includes: coffee break.

The training is led by the lecturer, Erika Daugėlaitė.


Upcoming seminars:

Economics module for beauty business
  • November 9 - 11 a.m. Basics of Business Beauty (8 academic hours). Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel - conference hall, Didžioji str. 33, Vilnius


Marketing module for beauty business
  • November 12 - 11 a.m. Basics of Marketing for Beauty Business Part I (4 academic hours) Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel - Conference Hall, Didžioji str. 33, Vilnius

  • November 13 - 11 a.m. Basics of Marketing for Beauty Business Part II (4 academic hours) Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel - Conference Hall, Didžioji str. 33, Vilnius


Hot stone massage training
  • November 10 - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hot stone massage training Part I (4 academic hours) Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel - conference hall, Didžioji str. 33, Vilnius

  • November 11 - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hot stone massage training Part II (4 academic hours) Location: Scents of Provence Town Hall SPA, Didžioji str. 33, Vilnius

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