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Ideas for a bachelorette party

Celebrating birthdays and girls ’celebrations in a meaningful and exciting way is endlessly fun and entertaining. Girls always have inexhaustible topics for conversation about beauty, the clarification of everyday life, relationships, how to discover happiness and awaken femininity. The fragrance walls of Provence have heard a lot and are ready to listen again. Well, if we add magical oil to the intoxicating bubbles - we get a fantastic, memorable and unique time. We reserve times for celebrations in Vilnius and Klaipeda.


Offers for bachelorette party

Workshop and perfume production

The scents of Provence can offer you a seminar - love for yourself, aphrodisiac oils, an introduction to organic aromatherapy. Along with the seminar, we recommend ordering the production of oils for the body or the production of perfume oils. After getting acquainted with aromatherapy and trying out scents, you can create and create your own personal scent. Decide what you want to produce during the workshop: body oil, face oil or oily perfume.

Duration of the seminar: 90min
Price: 49eur.
Spa treatments for groups

Mini treatments for up to 20 minutes and luxurious SPA Rituals for up to 1 hour or 1 hour and 30 minutes are also available. We always match the budget and prices and make the best and most optimal offer. We can perform the procedures for 6 - 8  persons at a time.

Book a spa spot for the celebration

BOOK A SPA FOR THE CELEBRATION and celebrate your girlfriend's exclusive day with fun. The price includes a relaxation room, sauna (up to 4 persons), whirlpool (up to 3 persons).

Price: 1 hour - 130 euros
2nd hour 65eur.
Video material from our event

PS If you wish, we can offer you a snack menu with a sparkling welcome drink, you can also bring your own drinks and snacks. Champagne glasses and plates for snacks The scents of Provence will provide you with joy.


Write suggestions, wishes, questions. We will definitely answer: , +37065231979

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