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Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius

Image by Gantas Vaičiulėnas


Do you want the most amazing full body massage in Vilnius? Visit the Provence Scent Spa! Pleasant aromas and relaxing music will provide a stunning aromatherapy full body massage. The aromatherapy massage uses the highest quality certified organic essential oils, which subtly balance the emotional state and give the skin of the whole body a refined scent and a light velvety shine. During the massage, deep peace is achieved, the whole body relaxes and strengthens, stress, tension, mood and work capacity decrease.


Spa rituals

Carefully selected procedures and perfectly matched oils create an extraordinary feeling for your soul and body. Head to the Lavender Dreams or treat yourself to a royal trip to Provence. We wish you indelible impressions.


SPA rituals for couples

Share a wonderful moment with the person closest to you. Rituals performed for both in one room strengthen the connection between loved ones or best friends.


Body treatments

Body Scrubs   - they use natural organic substances: dead sea salt powder, herbal mixtures, ground spices, organic oils, rice flour.


Body Wraps  - luxurious and soothing exotic wraps. Pamper your skin by detoxifying it, nourishing every cell and giving it a soft, radiant texture. As long as you sleep comfortably and warmly in the cocoon, you will be given a head or facial massage treatment.

Mineral Aromatic Baths  - the perfect time for yourself and minutes of rest spent surrounded by water, candlelight and a mist of positive oils that affect the mind.


Facial procedures

We recommend doing it once a month. The facial treatment includes: double facial cleansing, skin scrubbing, skin analysis, facial massage, mask, serums or creams selected according to the skin type.

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