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What is the frequency and what does it have to do with essential oils?
How do pure essential oils affect our brains?
Why do pure therapeutic essential oils have such incredible properties?
Chemical composition of essential oils.
Essential oil scents notes and their intensity
Selection and blends of essential oils according to the origin of the ailments.
Research on essential oils.

The gift is given by the Provence Scent Aromatherapy Amulet.

The theoretical part is led by Vida Daugėlienė, a specialist in therapeutic exercise.

Practical activity: Breathing according to the Strielnikova gymnastics program.

Strielnikova's breathing gymnastics is a few hundred fast body movements, during which we inhale only at the end of the movements when the chest is compressed or has no possibility to expand. Breathing gymnastics activates the immune system and the body's defense and adaptation mechanisms, helps to overcome stress, get rid of overweight and nicotine addiction. Exercises actively involve all parts of the body - arms, legs, head, abdominal press, spine.

The practical session is led by Daiva Gulbinienė, an exercise and therapy specialist.

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