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Lifting and brightening facial 

  • Lifting ("lifting") and facial muscle stimulating facial massage - will give the skin freshness and firmness, while the draining movements will remove swelling and puffiness. The traditional Japanese massage movements used during the massage will give the skin purity, significantly reduce facial wrinkles and relax the facial muscles.

  • Pigmentation-reducing oils are used during the massage. The massage is performed with a mixture specially created by "Scents of Provence": carrot seed, geranium, tea tree, lemon and tea tree essential oils.

  • After an intensive massage, the French collagen mask will moisturize the skin, give it light plumpness and freshness.


An effective, luxurious and long-lasting facial treatment can be a great gift idea when the weather turns cold or to revive dry and tired facial skin. During this procedure, the facial skin will become brighter, younger, skin regeneration will take place faster, and the collagen mask applied at the end will give a unique glow.

Duration 60 min.

Price 65 eur.


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