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GOLDEN SPA RITUAL will make you feel light, soothing, but at the same time luxurious and sumptuous. 

Immerse yourself in an orange essential bath, followed by a sumptuous body scrub, wrap, facial and scalp treatment, and a GOLD serum body massage.

You will return home not only spiritually enriched, but also with GOLD dust lying on your well-groomed skin.

30 minutes bath with orange et. oil;

20 minutes golden body peeling;

30 minutes golden body wrap;

20 minutes golden face mask and head massage (performed during wrapping);

20 minutes massage body treatment with gold serum.

*Price is valid in Vilnius

A 20% discount applies to GIFT COUPONS for "Golden SPA Ritual". You can purchase a gift voucher at the link below:



115 €

1 h 40 min.

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