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During the multisensory session, deep relaxation is achieved with the help of sound, light and vibration.

The main purpose of Peace of Mind: to help in recovery from injuries, to improve well-being, attentiveness and empathy.

The benefits of using sound, light and vibration stimulation are:

- Strengthens cohesion, focus and sense of unity.

- Positive physiological response

- Good feeling

- Attention

- Empathy

Although we can help you achieve profound and life-changing experiences, we always make it clear that these are your personal experiences, your projections from your conscious and unconscious mind.

Relaxation and stress reduction: The sensory stimuli used in LSV, such as soothing sounds, pulsating lights and calming vibrations, are specifically designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction. When individuals are exposed to these stimuli in a controlled and supportive environment, it creates a calming effect, induces a state of relaxation, and facilitates stress reduction.

Suitable for children who have inner fears, anger and difficulty relaxing.

When buying a course of 5 procedures - a 30% discount is applied.



69 €

206,5 €

60 min.

300 min.

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