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Start a relaxing journey and indulge your body into the wine bath with EPSOM salt. After a vigorous body scrub with EPSOM salt, wine, grape seed oil and vitamin E, your body will be nicely wrapped in a unique mixture specially made from wine, almond oil, and grape seed oil enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E. An excellent antioxidant face mask with pomegranate extracts, green tea and truffle will help to slow down the advance of free radicals which produce ageing of the skin. Extend your pleasure and satisfaction with all body wine massage.

Benefits of EPSOM salt and wine

EPSOM bath salts rich in magnesium, combined with the hydrating and nourishing effects of the oils bring a series of effects which are beneficial to the skin as well as being relaxing. The concentrated red wine contains a series of principal active ingridients such as alpha-hidroxic acids, polyphenols, resveratrol, saccharides, tannins, ferments, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and dietary mineral.

30 min bath* with EPSOM salt and red wine extract; 20 min body scrub with wine extract; 30 min body wine wrap; 15 min antioxidant and anti-ageing face mask; 20 min body massage with wine serum.   

* bath is available only in Vilnius.  Clients will recieve head massage procedure insted of it In Klaipėda and Palanga.

*price is valid in Klaipėda



79 €

1h 40m

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