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UAB LA CURE DSP, legal entity code 301645708 (hereinafter - the Company), managing this website, respecting the right to privacy and personal data protection of its customers, website visitors and other interested parties (hereinafter - you) , undertakes to process your Personal Data received properly and in accordance with the requirements of legal acts.

In processing personal data, the Company complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council “On the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation)”. protection law, other legal acts and legal obligations applicable to the Company.

Personal Data processed by the Company is any information relating to a natural person (you) whose identity is known or can be identified directly or indirectly by means of identifying data (eg name, surname, personal identification number, address, etc.).

In order to properly and securely fulfill its contractual obligations to you, the Company requires certain of your Personal Data.

The Company processes Personal Data that you voluntarily provide to it with your express consent or other explicit actions, as well as when it is lawfully obtained from other persons and processed for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Data processed by the Company and the purposes of its processing:

  • Concluding and executing contracts for the provision and administration of massage, other health services (including spas, beauty treatments) and / or the sale of goods, as well as providing advice on the provision of services and / or goods for settlement, ie for the purpose of concluding and executing contracts , The Company processes the following personal data of you: name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, health insurance card data, payment account data and / or other payment identification data.  


  • The Company receives the specified Personal Data from you and / or third parties (eg payment institutions, etc.) when concluding and / or executing contracts.


  • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you order a massage or other health care service, the Company may ask you to provide certain data about your health, for example, in order to provide only safe services. data about the condition of the skin, data about the health disorders you have that may affect the risk of deterioration of your health due to the chosen health services. Such data is obtained only from you and only with your express consent.


  • In order to ensure the traceability of the provision of services and / or sales of goods in order to ensure and enforce your rights and legitimate interests (eg due to the quality of services or goods, etc.), the Company administers the customer database and manages your name, email address and phone number.


  • In order to inform you personally about the services provided and / or goods sold by the Company, related discounts, special offers and share other related information, the Company handles your name, e-mail address and telephone number received from you for direct marketing purposes.


  • Personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy (see Section 3) and only with your express consent.

  • In order to ensure the safety of you, other persons, including the Company's employees, the protection of the Company's property rights, and to guarantee the security and inviolability of property when persons visit the Company's premises, the Company processes audio data of persons entering the video surveillance area.

  •  In order to select a person for work in the Company, get acquainted with his / her experience, profession, abilities, etc., the Company processes Personal Data provided by the person and / or third parties (employment agencies, etc.) only to the extent as they were presented.

  • In order to ensure the rights of you, other persons and the Company to judicial protection, the Company handles your name, surname, date of birth and / or identification number (personal identification number), address, and other data that the Company receives from you and / or third parties. (eg dispute resolution bodies, legal representatives, etc.).

  • In order to improve and develop the websites managed by the Company, make them more customized and personalized, as well as to administer the provision of services and / or sales of goods to you using this and other websites managed by the Company, the Company collects data about your browsing history, browsers type, duration of visits and page views, other relevant information (see Chapter 7).

We note that when processing Personal Data, the Company may combine Personal Data received from you with data lawfully collected and / or obtained from other sources.

The Company stores your Personal Data for no longer than required by the purposes of the data processing or as provided by law, if they provide for a longer term for the storage of Personal Data.

Upon your lawful and reasonable revocation of your consent to the processing of Personal Data, the Company will immediately, but not later than 15 (fifteen) calendar days, terminate the processing of your Personal Data, unless the Company is obliged to further process your data by applicable legal obligations, court decisions or mandatory instructions from the authorities.

Only with your express consent may the Company process and use your Personal Data for the purpose of direct marketing to provide you with offers and information about the Company's services and / or goods, discounts, tenders, events and other offers.

If the Company asks for your consent to the use of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, it will do so on a separate request by submitting a consent form (paper or electronic).

For direct marketing purposes, the Company may use the information you provide to report to you through websites and / or applications operated by third parties (such as Google, etc.), as well as to collect statistics about your behavior in the event of a newsletter, promotional message, etc. (e.g. to determine if a message has been read, etc.) to make a targeted offer to you and the like.

You may revoke your consent to the processing of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes at any time. You can do this by writing an email. by mail ____________.

Upon revocation of the consent given for the purpose of direct marketing, the Company shall terminate the processing of personal data immediately, but not later than within 5 (five) business days.

The Company guarantees that your Personal Data will not be sold, provided or otherwise transferred to third parties without a legitimate basis, nor used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.  The Company reserves the right to provide information about you to third parties, if required to do so in accordance with the law.

The Company may transfer your Personal Data to third parties (partners, insurance companies, payment institutions, etc.) who assist the Company in carrying out its activities and / or direct marketing. Personal data shall be transferred to third parties only after making sure and ensuring that they are processed only in accordance with the instructions given by the Company and the applicable legal requirements ensuring the protection of personal data.

Third parties to whom we have transferred your Personal Data by the Company may not use this Data for purposes other than the provision of services to the Company.

Websites operated by the Company, including this one, may contain links from third parties to their websites, products and / or services that are not under the control of the Company (eg Google Maps, payment systems, etc.).

Please note that the Company is not responsible for the processing, security and privacy of Personal Data collected by such third parties, therefore we always recommend that you read the privacy provisions of third parties regarding the security of Personal Data.

When processing Personal Data, the Company guarantees your rights in accordance with legal acts.

You have the following rights:

-    knowing (being informed) about the processing of your Personal Data;
-     to get acquainted with your Personal Data processed by the Company;
-    require to correct or supplement, correct incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
-    require the deletion of personal data when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected ("right to be forgotten");
-    require the destruction of Personal Data if it is processed unlawfully or when you withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data or do not give such consent;
-    contract to the processing of Personal Data or revoke a previously given consent;
-    require to suspend (excluding storage) the processing of personal data in the event of a dispute or the need to verify the lawfulness of data processing, as well as in cases where your Personal Data, but you do not want the Company to destroy it;
-    require to provide, if technically possible, your personal data and / or transfer them to another controller.

You may submit all claims related to the exercise of your rights to the Company by sending them directly or by sending them by post to __________________ or by e-mail to ____________.

Upon receipt of your request, the Company may request proof of your identity as well as other necessary information related to the request. The Company will respond to the submitted request no later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of all the documents required for the submission of the response. If necessary, the Company will suspend the processing of your Personal Data, except for storage, until your claim is resolved.

The Company reserves the right not to comply with your requirements if it needs to ensure compliance with its legal obligations; public order, crime prevention, detection or prosecution; investigation and detection of violations of official or professional ethics; The protection of the rights and freedoms of you and / or others; on another legitimate basis. In all cases, the Company will inform you of the reasons and legal basis for the refusal.

If you do not agree with the Company's actions in processing your Personal Data or with the Company's response to your request, you may appeal to the competent state supervisory authority - the State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania. 


Cookies are a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Cookies may be deleted when you close your browser, or they may remain on your device after you close your browser.

The Company uses the information obtained from cookies to ensure better operation and functionality of the websites, as well as to personalize your browsing experience and history in order to perform usage analysis. Such data and their analysis help to develop the services provided by the Company, help to identify you as a previous visitor of the website, on the basis of which the Company can provide you with targeted commercial and advertising offers.

The Company uses Technical Cookies - which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website (eg to enable the display of content on your device, etc.); Analytical cookies - which are needed to adapt the operation of the website to your wishes and needs, Functional cookies - which are designed to improve the functionality of the website by making it user-friendly (eg to save the language selection, etc.) and Targeted (commercial) cookies - personalize your browsing experience, history, and make suggestions and notifications for you.
Cookies may collect the following information: IP address, browser type, location, duration and number of visits, and more.

Cookies used on the company's website:

You can control cookies through the settings of the browser you use by choosing which cookies you want to accept and which ones you want to delete.  You can opt out of cookies at any time by deleting them from your browser places).

You can learn more about cookie management here

Please note that deleting cookies may slow down your internet browsing, restrict the operation of the website's features or restrict access to the website itself. The Company is not responsible for cookies used by third party websites that you access from websites operated by the Company.

This Privacy Policy is effective from the date of its publication on the Website.
All additions and / or changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the Company's website and we recommend that you review it regularly.

If necessary, the Company will personally inform you about additions and / or changes to the Privacy Policy.

For all requests, complaints and questions related to this Privacy Policy and the processing of your Personal Data, please contact the Company at the following contacts:
Sending email by mail -
When sending by mail - UAB LA CURE DSP, _______________________
Phone number +370 605 22656


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