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Cypress essential oil, 10 ml.

Cypress essential oil, 10 ml.

SKU: 3516170003071

Lat. Cupressus sempervirens Chemical composition: A-pinène, B-caryophyllène, D-3-carène Cypress es. oil has been used since ancient times to restore the body's fluid balance, especially when fluid is lost due to profuse sweating, diarrhea or after heavy menstruation. It is effective for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, bleeding gums and nose, strengthens capillary walls, has an astringent, anti-inflammatory effect. Perfect for cramps, arthritis, improves blood and lymph circulation, helps with menstrual pains, ovarian cysts, prostate problems. This oil is also used for pancreatic and liver problems, improving lung circulation. It also increases concentration and improves memory. Cypress repels insects, suitable for use in protecting animals from fleas. Goes well with bergamot, sage, juniper, lavender, lemon, orange, sandalwood, etc. oil. Cypress es. oil without specialist recommendations, it is not recommended to use: - children under 7 years old; - for pregnant and breastfeeding women; - those with allergies to Cypress; - with kidney diseases.

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