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Organic aromatherapy for the face. Flower waters are essential and vegetable oils. Facial skin and its care.

1. Flower waters

2. Vegetable oils for the face

3. Essential oils for the face

4. Essential oil blends for the face

5. Facial skincare (according to Florame)

6. Facial skin types (according to Florame)

7. The difference between traditional and organic cosmetics (according to Florame)

8. Asian mist. Make recipes at home.


Practical activity. Introduction to aromameridian facial massage.


Aromameridian massage is an effective means to improve the physical condition of the body, to relax after a hard day's work. This massage is performed with vegetable and essential oils. Smells not only stimulate the human senses, but also have a positive effect on the physical state of the body. Scents heal the body, mind and soul, regulate the body's natural balance, strengthen immunity, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins. During this massage, neurosedative movements are performed.

During the workshop you will gain basic knowledge on how to perform aromameridian facial massage.

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