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Slim & Firm

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Don't like the shape of your body in the mirror?


Want to lose weight easily and effortlessly?


A complex of 7 procedures for the body will solve your problems:


2 x Radio frequency procedures (30 min.)

2 x vacuum massages (45 min.)

2 x Sports massages for problem areas (30 min.)

1 x Detoxifying full body wrap (60 min.) ​


We recommend to have the procedures 2-3 times a week. The radio frequency procedure breaks down the fats and tightens the skin. Especially recommended for those women who have excess fat, loose skin in the lower abdomen and want to get rid of fat around the waist or tighten the skin in the inner thighs. Vacuum massages activate blood circulation, toxins are removed from the body faster. Combining all these SPA treatments together the result is effective.  Tighter body skin and better shape will make you happy.


Price: 210 euros for 7 treatments

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