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Rejuvenating facial after sun 3-1

It is a pleasant ritual that begins with immersion in the world of scents and ends with a pleasant mist of floral water on your face. During one procedure, two therapies are combined, which help to relax even more, i.e. aromatherapy and massage. 


An enchanting journey in the world of scents...

"Scents of Provence" SPA is a place where time stands still. When you open the door to a different, magical world of scents, you will be greeted by a luxurious environment and a delicate blend of aromas, and professional staff will allow you to experience unforgettable moments.

A lesson on making organic oil perfumes at the "Scents of Provence" spa salon will delight you with quality time spent. For some, it may be a new introduction to aromatherapy, while others can rightly be called perfume gourmets. However, the most important thing is that everyone will take away from this meeting not only the individual scent created by themselves, but also good emotions.

What is interesting about perfume development events? 

Most of us only know about aromatherapy that lavender is soothing, tea tree is disinfecting, and eucalyptus is suitable for saunas and is used for colds. However, how we can feel after using boswellia, vetiver, myrrh, balsam fir, Siberian linden or cranberry oil and how to use them correctly, a rare guest really knows.

At the event, real oil-based, aromatherapy perfumes are produced, which in ancient times were used only by the chosen ones - kings and rich people who could afford to buy such rare, precious and expensive oils. 

Entering the world of fragrances and getting to know the most sophisticated scents, guests create their own unique perfumes. You can put all your dreams, wishes, and thoughts into them. A real, natural fragrance, created only for us and by our own hands, gives strength, rice, love and happiness. After all, this perfume is made from the souls of plants.

Event progress: 

  • getting to know the history of perfumes;

  • perfume classification and perfume notes; 

  • the story of why organic and real fragrances are used to make oil perfumes;

  • the story of how smell affects our mood and emotion;

  • getting to know real organic fragrances;

  • production of personal oil fragrance.

Give the opportunity to discover intoxicating scents!

A gift voucher for a perfume making session:

Duration: 90 min.

Price: 49 eur. 

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