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Hot stone massage is more effective than regular massage because heat helps to relax the muscles and energy points where the internal energy flows. Moreover stone massage helps to reach deeper tissues and thus increase the effect of the massage. 

Hot stones used for full body massage are smooth, flat, rounded, mostly made of basalt. Basalt is a type of volcanic rock with good heat retention. 

The stones are placed in a heater, filled with water and then heated to a suitable, safe temperature. Since we all have different sensitivity to heat, your therapist will check if the stones are not too hot for you. The therapist places the hot stones on certain areas of the body and then massages with the stones themselves. 

Hot stone massage helps to achieve a much deeper relaxation, harmony and balance of the body and soul. This is the best massage in Vilnius!

*Price is valid in Vilnius



99 €

145 €

60 min.

1h 30m

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