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Oils: juniper, citron, rosemary.

Detox - anticellulite aromatherapy bath is prepared with juniper, lemon and rosemary essential oils. Juniper essential oil has strong cleansing power and is therefore suitable for cellulite. Citron and rosemary essential oils enhance the cleansing and anti-cellulite effect of this aromatherapy bath. After the cleansing - anticellulite aromatherapy bath you will feel not only lighter in your body but also in your thoughts as these essential oils remove negative thoughts and emotions, soothe, relax and improve concentration. We invite you to enjoy aromatherapy baths more often as they will have a stronger effect. Moreover, the full body massage after the bath will be the most wonderful in Vilnius!

*Price is valid in Vilnius



25 €

30 min.

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