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Procedure for autumn
"After sunbathing 3-1"


Don't like yourself in the mirror anymore?


You feel that your skin has dried out, lost its elasticity and life, and pigment spots appear.


Just for YOU, the oils carefully selected by the scents of Provence and a facial procedure created that revitalizes, moisturizes and reduces skin pigmentation:

Moisturizing, pigmentation-reducing and rejuvenating face treatment after summer sunbathing "3 in 1":

- double facial cleansing

- peeling

- facial massage with carrot oil (moisturizing and anti-pigmentation oil)

- regenerating face mask

- introduction of regenerating and firming serum with oxygen

- face/eye cream

This procedure is designed to restore moisture, reduce pigmentation and tighten the skin. Carrot oil is an excellent tool for rejuvenating the skin and reducing pigmentation after the summer sun. The mask and serum will moisturize and tighten your skin. 

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 49 eur 


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