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Organic perfume production by the sea


Exclusive organic perfume production events in Kunigiškės

When planning a vacation, you want quality and real time. We have a fantastic offer in a unique and modern space by the sea in Kunigiškės.

  • Looking for exclusive entertainment for your personal celebration?

  • Tired of traditional birthday parties or personal celebrations at the table?

  • Do you want to spend your special day in an interesting and meaningful way and give a gift not only to yourself, but also to your guests? 

Events that create great emotions, fragrant time and unique memories - production of organic oil perfumes for the group.

Entertainment includes:

  • A glass of sparkling alcoholic or soft drink;

  • Seasonal fruit plate;

  • Manufacture of perfumes.

You can additionally order for the event:

  • Snacks;

  • Photographer services;

  • Outdoor jacuzzi (accommodates (5-6 persons).

For groups over 15 people, the price is negotiable.

Entering the world of fragrances and getting to know the most sophisticated scents, guests create their own unique perfumes. You can put all your dreams, wishes, and thoughts into them. A real, natural fragrance, created only for us and by our own hands, gives strength, rice, love and happiness. After all, this perfume is made from the souls of plants.

The flow of the perfume production event:


- getting to know the history of perfumes;
- perfume classification and perfume notes;
- the story of why organic and real scents are used to make oil perfumes;
- a story about how smell affects our mood and emotion;
- getting to know real organic scents;
- production of personal oil fragrance.

For reservations, please contact:
Phone: +370 652 31979 (Erika)
Phone: +370 687 31875 (Birutė)

Link to the space presentation:


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