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Want to lose weight easily and effortlessly?

If you don't like yourself in the mirror and want graceful facial shapes, or maybe you are planning a summer vacation by the sea and you intend to enjoy not only the sun but also a slim body. We offer you an exclusive complex of slimming procedures:

2 x Radio frequency procedures (30 min.)
2 x vacuum massages (45 min.)
2 x Anti-cellulite massages (30 min.) 

1 x Detoxifying full body wrap (60 min.)


Radio frequency procedure
The heat produced by radio waves stimulates metabolic processes in fat cells, blood circulation and lymph flow are improved. Increased temperature activates the breakdown of fat, which reduces body volume. Effectively reduces the lower part of the abdomen after childbirth, slims, reduces stretch marks and scars. The procedure is pleasant and completely painless. In most cases, the effect is noticeable already after the first procedure, the skin becomes tighter.

Vacuum massage
Slimming massage is performed with a modern dermamassage vacuum. Massage effectively corrects scars and connective tissue. Perhaps its main function is to break down the subcutaneous layer of fat that is covered by cellulite. Improved tissue supply with oxygen and important substances will give the skin vitality and firmness.

Anti-Cellulite Massage
This massage is performed with essential oils that help remove toxins from the body. Anti-cellulite   massage is effective in the fight against cellulite, because specific areas of the body affected by cellulite are massaged. Post-massage recommendations 

Detox  wrap
During the body wrap, blood microcirculation and skin regeneration are improved, dirt particles are cleaned, the skin is detoxified and all impurities are removed, it affects cellulite, and easily exfoliates dead skin cells.

The number of places is limited.
Reserve times:, phone: 867925055

7 procedures worth 350 euros.

The price is 210 euros. with a 40% discount


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