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Gold SPA Ritual

Time 100 min.  Price € 89

The Christmas period is here, and the New Year is coming soon. Let's remember how much we have done and how much we deserve to be Kings and Queens in the last month of the year.

GOLD SPA RITUAL will make you feel easy, soothing, however, at the same time luxurious and majestically.

Immerse yourself in an Orange essential bath, followed by a majestic body scrub, wrap, face and head treatment, and a body massage with GOLD serum.

You will return home not only spiritually enriched, but also with the GOLDEN drizzle on your fine skin.

 20 min body scrub with gold, 30 min gold body wrap, 50 min gold facial, 20 min massage with gold serum.  

Shine like a STAR

Time 90min.  Price € 85

Shine! Smile! Laugh! Just be the star!
"Shine Like a Star" procedure offers you a golden offer! It is:
20 min body gold srcub, 50 min body massage with sweet orange oil , 20 min gold facial mask and head massage.
WOW!!! After all, you will certainly be noticed! Do not forget to smile!


Time 1 h 30 min, Price 75€

- Body scrub

- Body massage with lavender oil

- Feet massage with mint leaves lotion

- Head massage with lavender oil

It is worldwide known that lavender oil is famous for relaxing, healing and recovering properties. This

treatment awakes senses, revitalizes spirit, and removes stress and tension. Power of scents enhances

mood, calm the mind and awakes the soul.

Wine SPA Ritual

Time 1h 40 min.  Price € 79

- 30 min head massage.

- 20 min body scrub with wine extract;

- 30 min body wine wrap;

- 15 min antioxidant and anti-ageing face mask;

- 30 min head massage.

- 20 min body massage with wine serum.

SPA RITUAL FOR HIM 1 h 30 min  75 €

This is the most popular and traditional whole body treatment FOR MEN. During this treatment we

use warm mixture of organic vegetable and essential oils that help to relax muscles and to recover after

physical strain. It positive affects on joints system and helps to carry negative energy after all day away.

This treatment is dedicated for peace of body and mind. Mind calms and reaches meditational state during

this procedure.

HOT KISS 3 h 30 min  150 €

- Body scrub

- Body wrap

- Facial

- Aromatherapy body massag


- Rejuvenating Facial

- Soothing scalp massage

- Body Exfoliation

- Hot stone aromatherapy massage

MALE ENERGY 1h 30 min  75 €

- Relaxing body massage

- Feet massage with mint leaves lotion

- Facial

This treatment is designed specially for males. It balances body, mind and soul. Activates positive energy,

relieves tension and stress. This is the ultimate skin and body therapy for maximum results.


CLEOPATRA BEAUTY 1 h 30 min  85 €

- Body scrub

- Dead Sea mud wrap

- Facial

- Body embrocation with Dead Sea mineral cream

The Dead Sea is worldwide known as one of the richest sources of natural salts where more than 35 kinds

of different minerals Body scrub with Dead Sea salt powder is essential for the health of your body and

your skin. It nourishes and softens the skin, while, maintaining its pH balance. Mud Mask, rich in minerals

and natural oils revitalizes and refreshes the skin. The unique composition of Dead Sea Mud enhances

blood circulation and cleaning mechanism. Natural Minerals cleanse and purify the skin from foreign

and toxic elements which helps controlling wrinkles, drains away fatigue, and relieves swelling. Body

embrocation with Dead Sea mineral cream nourishes the skin and gives it a youthful look, protects the skin

against dehydration and keeps it healthy. You will be provided with facial treatment during mud wrapping



- Rejuvenating Facial

- Aromatherapy body massage

During this luxury treatment you will have a chance to give a dash of relaxation for your body indulging

into the aromatherapy bath. This treatment is recommended for those who wants to have body massage

and facial at the same time. The blend of organic vegetable and essential oils relieves pain and swelling,

nourishes and softens heel skin.


This is especially effective method of body correction joining physical training and massage in chime.

This is a great alternative for those who do not like active sport exercises at clubs, but who seek to improve

both physical fitness and well-being. This treatment decreases overweight, improve muscle tone, and

reduce signs of cellulite. Body part wrapping with a Dead Sea mud increases blood circulation and lymph

flow, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, relieves pain and eliminates toxins from the body. It is

possible to gain the quick effect of your physical shape reducing fat percentage and cellulite, improving the

state of under skin tissues.

All SPA treatments begin with hot towel therapy for feet and back. Floral water to taste BEFORE the

treatment and special tea AFTER. Hot lavender pillows and heated bags with rice and spices are being

used during the treatments.

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