Facials Palanga

FACE TREATMENT 60 min 49 €

- Double face cleansing

- Exfoliation

- Skin analysis

- Special Scents of Provence face massage

- Mask

- Hand, head massage

- Serums, creams

- Choosing right product for the skin care

Moisturising – for dull and dehydrated skin

Top up your skin’s energy and moisture levels for a smoother skin and a radiant complexion, just glowing

with health! This treatment helps you naturally restore moisture balance to the epidermis, providing intense

elasticity and hydration. After this relaxing treatment, dry, dehydrated or dull skins are revitalized, feeling

soft and smooth again. It fills in lines and reduces signs of ageing.

Purifying – for oily and combination skin

This is a truly brightening skin care that purifies and restores radiance to clogged, dull skin. Used white

clay or Dead Sea mud absorbs impurities thoroughly and regulates excess sebum. It leaves your skin satin-
smooth with closed pores and a clear complexion.

Youth – anti aging treatment

Youth - is anti aging face treatment procedure, fighting against wrinkles, strengthening tissues. This

treatment is for those who need high hydration, delicate cleaning and sensitive face care. Beauty results:

face skin are rejuvenated, revitalized, more tonic, regain softness and silky touch.

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Mėnesio SPA paslaugų abonementas 4 apsilankymai - 1 val tik 32, 25 eur. "Stangrus kūnas" - lieknėjimo procedūra, 70 min/ kaina 39 eur. Karalienė Margo: prabangi veido procedūra su deimantais, perlais 90 min - 66 eur su 40% nuolaida.
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