Aromatherapy massages

Time 60 min/ Price € 43

Time 1 val 30 min/ Price  € 58

The aim of this massage is to strengthen body and soul and to feel a sense of relaxation. During the relaxation you will indulge into meditation and will reach the state of healthy sleep.  This state positive touches physical and mental health. Whole organism: the tissues and organs is involved in rejuvenation and recovering process. This treatment is perfect against stress, relieves muscles and joints pain, and reduces blood pressure and heart rhythm. Your organism will be decreased from toxins and energy blocs gradually. After it you will feel flush of energy and fullness of life.   

Energizing - verbena E.O.

Relaxing - lavender E.O.

Joy - sweet orange E.O.

Four hand massage

Time 60 min/ Price  € 78

Time 1 val 30 min/ Price  € 107

Feel the touch of four hands and immerse yourself into the sunny France. Let your body feel natural fragrances and healing touches of professional hands. 

Hot Stone Massage

Time 60 min/ Price  € 47

Time 1 val 30 min/ Price  € 61

Deeply penetrating heat gives the highest relaxation for the muscles.  Effective therapy against insomnia, stress and anger. Recommended for poor blood microcirculation, muscles and joints pain relieving.

Couples Massage

Time 60 min/ Price € 83

Time 1 val 30 min/ Price  € 112

For honeymooners, friends and lovers - enjoy an intriguing journey into the exceptional feelings world. When you feel like being only two of you and experiencing treatment at the same time surrounded by the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere - this is undoubtedly just the right treatment. These treatments can be offered for mother and daughter, long unseen friend or beloved person. 

Face massage + decollate

Time 30 min/ Price  € 29                                       

This treatment could be done alone or during any other treatment. It is a high effectiveness specialized massage that combines East and West face practices techniques.  This treatment is for those who seek both face skin and muscle elasticity. It resists against premature oldness & dryness of face skin, assisting to keep your face tissues in tones and creating lifting effect. Both blood microcirculation and skin shape are improved. For every procedure we individually select natural and organic vegetable oils blended with essential oils. Face treatment is performed with effective cosmetics products.    

Back massage                                                 

Time 40 min/ Price    € 32

Relaxing back massage is suggested due to psychological tension, physical fatigue, negative emotions, stress, depression, hypersensitivity.

Leg massage

Time 40 min/ Price  €  32

Our legs frequently get ignored. Most of the day people spend sitting, barely moving around. Quick leg massage reduces aches and sluggish blood down, tightens the tissues, stimulates the lymph system and prevents cellulite.

Feet massage

Time 30 min/ Price  € 20

Feet massage, also known as sole massage or reflexology, has been widely practiced by the Chinese. The foot has over 70,000 nerve endings with trigger points that correlate to the whole body. We spend a larger part of the day on our feet. So a treat to your feet is a great therapy for your body and helps reduce stress and assists in relaxation for better health. 

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