Vacuum treatment

Duration: 45 min - 38 Eur  discount 30 % - 26.60 Eur one treatment, if you buy course of 6 treatments. Price of course 159. 60 Eur

Dermomassager is an innovative device for vacuum treatment of the body. This method was patented in 1986 by Louis Paul Guitay and popularized in the field of aesthetic medicine called “endermology”. The creator of this method was searching for an effective way of impact on scars and changes in the connective tissue.Studies have shown that the most effective way is rolling the skin and the underlying tissues beneath it. Manual massage is very tiring and requires a long time procedure. specially designed device has became an alternative, which combines massage with a mechanical vacuum sucked while skin folds(Priming) and roll. With this application Drmo-Massager works on the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue and this method may be classified as connective tissue massage. As a result of treatment is followed by elimination of cellulite by breaking down fat cells and in a visible reduction circuits of the body. Scars and stretch marks become less visible. Reduction of swelling is obtained as a result of stimulation of microcirculation. During the treatment with Dermo-Massager entire body, except for breast, massaging by using a special head socket equipped with a 4 - 6 movable rollers connected to the suction pipe. The treatment is usually performed around the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Treatments are completely non-invasive and safe, nad support the natural processes in the body. In addition, it stimulate the production of “happiness hormones” - ednorfin bringing relaxation and recreation. Massage is done by using special anti-cellulite, modeling or regenerating, formulas. This treatment was considered the best in the field of noninvasive cellulite reduction.

Device Functions:

1. Connective massage

2. Drainage massage

3. Lymphatic Massage

Making Dermo-Massager treatements is absolutely not recommended in the following cases:

 Skin inflammation

 Skin Damage

 Bleeding tendency and the formation of ecchymoses


 Broken capillaries

 Heart failure

 Fever, weakness

 Hypertension

 Pregnancy

 Cancer

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